Jack Mounting Strip

Makes mounting the three or four 3.5mm uBITX jacks easier during wire-up.

4 jacks mounted, shown along with a full 5 position strip shown from the bottom. The score marks can be clearly seen.

These jack strips come with five 3.5mm jack "break-out" boards attached but scored so they may be easily broken into any number of positions from 1 to 5. The jacks (not included), when mounted (soldered to the board), have their "sleeve" mounting holes on exactly 20 millimeter centers for easy layout and they have terminal holes along the back of the strip so that you can either solder wires to them or mount DuPont header pins and make them so the wiring can be easily unplugged for panel removal.

All the jack connections are brought to the terminals on the back and though the "sleeve" is normally grounded, the break-out boards have the sleeve connections deliberately isolated from each other to allow for independent grounding of each jack if desired. They can be easily connected together with jumper wires for a common ground or isolated if necessary. However, to truly isolate them, the sleeve mounted through a metal panel will have to be insulated by a non-conductive bushing as well. This makes for many mounting possibilities and with the 20mm spacing between sleeve holes, makes very neat alignment of the jacks possible. As shown above, the wiring to the jack terminals can readily be seen and the 5 wire terminal connections from left to right (as shown) are for SLEEVE, RING, RING Switch, TIP Switch and TIP. The individual jacks mount only on the top side of the board (jack outline shown by white lines). I was asked what the jacks themselves are called and they are 3.5mm Low Profile Stereo Audio Jacks.

Of course, you can break the blocks apart and mount the jacks anywhere you like but still have easy plug-access to the connections. Much neater than soldering wires directly to the terminals on the jack itself (plastic melts easily) and all terminals are marked on both sides of the break-out boards for quick and easy identification.

These handy little boards are now available for $2.00 each post paid in the United States. No longer shipped internationally due to postal expense. The supply is no longer limited so order as many as you like. 2 boards will fit in one envelope for the free shipping but if you order more than 2 at a time, I'll have to add a bit to the price for the extra postage that would be required. This proved to be a bit expensive for international customers so we have discontinued international sales.

Strip of 4 jacks mounted inside my uBITX (main pix on w0eb.com) with the 5th block repurposed to wire a speaker.

Inside of the uBITX showing how neat the jack strip can make it.

I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have as well as provide ordering information. Jim Sheldon - W0EB

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