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We have an older uBITX Version 6 Raduino Clone in stock and ready for order. We also have a unique adapter kit available that lets you almost seamlessly replace the Arduino NANO on the V6 Raduino with one of PJRC's new Teensy 4.0 boards to allow much more program space and far higher display speeds than can be achieved with the NANO.

TSW's NEW Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter card was designed to work specifically with the new uBITX Version 6 with the color touch screen. It MAY work with the older Raduinos, but is large enough that it may interfere mechanically with main board components when plugged into the old style Raduino cards. We don't really recommend it for use on the older version Raduinos. In answer to many questions, NO, the Teensy 4 to NANO adapter will NOT work with the KD8CEC software nor will we ever port it to the T4. That is KD8CEC's responsibility and we have seen no posts from him nor any updates to his software in the past few months. Not sure what happened to him and all our attempts to contact him have failed. Besides, the NEXTION displays are overpriced, difficult to program properly and the factory's V6 uBITX case was not designed to fit them.

HF Signals V6 "Full Kit" with TSW's Teensy4-NANO adapter running
TSW_T4_V1.18b firmware on the factory Raduino.

Main Operating screen for TSW software's latest
release (now in the files section).


The "Triumvirate Skonk Worx (TSW) Presents:
TSW's Teensy 4.0 to Arduino NANO adapter kit

Now Available, a simple adapter board kit to allow use of a Teensy 4.0 in place of the NANO on all factory V6 Raduino cards with NO hardware modifications necessary! We also have available enhanced software that runs only on the Teensy 4.0/adapter, makes operating the rig much easier and with the faster display, much less distracting and easier on the eyes. No more blinking while tuning, selectable digit cursor to make long QSY's easier, 10 memory channels and many more enhancements.

Actually, this adapter can be used in almost every application that uses a NANO to gain more programming space and vastly more computing power and speed. You only have to be careful to limit the voltages on all pins (except the main V-in) to 3.3volts as the Teensy 4.0's I/O pins are NOT 5 volt tolerant. We do not recommend using this with the V5 and older Raduino's due to interference from the two large toroids on the main board. If you decide to try using it on those older cards, you are on your own as we cannot forsee any problems you may encounter.

You do NOT need to buy the TSW Raduino Clone kit (featured later on this page) to use this adapter. It will work perfectly well on the factory supplied V6 Raduino. The Clone kit is for use as a replacement or spare Raduino. If you have the Clone kit you also need the adapter if you want to use a Teensy 4.0 and our T4 software.

Revised Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter installed on a new
Factory Version 6 Raduino (RTC backup battery not included.)

Adapter PC Board (only 2 SMD components, two 0.1 uF
Capacitors and they will be soldered on the PCB for you.)

Partially assembled Adapter Kit shown from the Male Pin side.
Note the missing pin. This is necessary to protect the Teensy 4.0
from the +5 on the A6 input pin and keeps us from having to remove
R2 and cut a trace on the Factory board. This way absolutely NO mods
to the Raduino are necessary. Be careful and disregard the silk screen
markings on the side of the board in this picture.
They refer to the connections to the Teensy socket which will be mounted
on the opposite side of the board and NOT to the male pin connections

Assembled Adapter kit shown from the Female Socket side.
Note the empty hole where the pin for A6 has been removed.

Assembled Adapter kit shown with user supplied Real Time
Clock backup battery and Teensy 4.0 properly installed.
(3 pin right angle male header is for the extra CW paddle jack if used.)

W0EB has created a 3D printed mount for the extra CW Paddle
Jack so it can be mounted on the back panel of the V6 Factory uBITX "Full Kit"
case and not require an extra hole to be drilled anywhere in the case to mount the jack.
The 3D printable .stl file is available to all who have the capability of printing it
and is NOT to be used for commercial gain.

W0EB has printed up a few and they are available for time/material/postage ($10)
so contact him via any of the several links on this page if you need one and can't
print it yourself. Supply IS limited, however.

3D printable ".stl" file for the extra Paddle Jack mount.

Extra paddle jack shown mounted on the
uBITX "Full Kit" back panel using spare
M3x8 flathead screws from the kit.

The Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter kit is available from TSW as a bare board only for $5.00 USD (includes postage) in the US and Possessions.

It's also available as a complete kit of parts which DOES NOT include the Teensy 4.0 (Teensy 4.0 is available from for $19.95 plus shipping). You should order the Teensy 4.0 without pins or with loose pins as it MUST mount upside down on the adapter and you will have to solder the pins to it yourself to get it in this configuration.

WARNING! On the Teensy 4.0 as on all other Teensy boards, there is a tiny jumper on the back side between V IN and VUSB. This jumper MUST be cut per the instructions on the back of the pinout card that comes with each Teensy. If you don't and you plug in the USB cable while the uBITX is also powered up, the USB power and the power from the 7805 regulator on the Raduino card (either Factory or any Clone, including the one from TSW) will conflict and can potentially destroy the Teensy 4 and possibly even the Raduino itself.

Due to USPS Postage increases and additional parts provided with it, the kit price is $12.00 shipped in the US and Possessions and includes all the parts EXCEPT for a user's choice 3 volt battery & battery holder. Parts in the kit are: 2 sets of 16 pin Male headers, 2 sets of 14 pin Female headers, two 0805 size, .1uF SMD capacitors which will be already soldered on the PC board, Real Time Clock backup battery connectors and one 3 pin, right angle Male header for the CW Paddle connection.

International shipping of the adapter kits is possible but due to the necessity to send it "International First Class, Small Package", international prices will be $26.50 USD to Europe (including the UK). To the Pacific and Australia the shipping cost is quite a bit higher ($18.25 for 5 ounces or less) so the kit price shipped to the Pacific area including Australia would be $30.00 USD. If you are willing to pay those prices, I will be glad to ship the Teensy 4 to NANO adapter full kits internationally.

The bare boards can be sent (up to two at a time) in a regular International First Class envelope for standard "Rigid Envelope" International First Class Postage, so the International cost for the bare board will be $8.00 each (postage included).

If you are also ordering one of our V6 Raduino Clone Kits at the same time (Normally $50 shipped to Europe and now due to the increase in postage $55 to the Pacific & Australia), for an additional $12 USD a T4-NANO adapter kit can be included with no extra shipping for a total of $62 USD to Europe and $67 USD to Australia and the Pacific.

Parts to complete the board are readily available almost everywhere and the parts list is included in the construction manual. We apologize profusely for any inconvenience this may cause our friends outside of the US.

The construction manual can be found in the Files section under "Documentation", but a link is included here for your convenience.

Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter's construction manual.

Earlier, Our Programmer W2CTX successfully ported both the factory's version 4.3 and 5.1 software to the Teensy 4.0, but these will ONLY allow use with the older 2 line "character" LCD displays, not the TFT color screen supplied with the V6. That takes a V6 Raduino and it will only work on V6 and V5 uBITX's, NOT the V4 and earlier due to the different IF frequency on the V4 and earlier radios. Now we also have Teensy 4.0 software posted to the "Files" section which turbo-charges the operation of the new V6 Raduino.

You can find the latest version of this software under "uBITX Version 6 Brand New software for the Teensy 4.0" by following the link to the "Files" section near the top of this page. The latest file(s) will be the only one(s) in this directory. Release versions will end with the number such as 1.00 and we may also post a "beta" version or two for those who might want to experiment. These files will end with a version number and a lower case letter such as 1.01a, b, c, etc. The beta versions are almost sure to have bugs in them so act accordingly.

I've been running this software successfully on my actual V6 uBITX for some time now and it really speeds everything up. Another nice thing using the Teensy 4.0, many of the birdies and tuning clicks that were generated by the NANO in earlier versions are either completley gone or mostly moved out of the ham bands due to the 600 MHz processor speed of the Teensy 4.0. Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Both working versions of our software (V4.3a and V5.1a) for the older Raduinos are in the "source code sketches" directory of the "Files/Archives" section. The filenames to look for are and A PDF manual for each version is included in the respective zip file. The TSW T4 software manuals cover only our changes to the factory software's operating procedure so you will also have to become familiar with any instructions from the factory pertaining to the uBITX operation with their V4.3 and V5.1 software. NOTE: They will NOT allow use of the TFT Color touch screen on the older V5 and earlier RADUINO'S, only the 2 line character LCD displays.

In order to compile TSW's Teensy 4.0 software, you will need to have Arduino IDE version 1.8.9 or later and the latest version of PJRC's "TeensyDuino" installed.

A thousand thanks to Jim, KK0U for providing a very detailed set of instructions for getting, installing, downloading, compiling and loading the TSW software to a Teensy 4.0! A copy of this manual is located in the "Documentation" directory on this website (see link at the beginning of this page). It can also be downloaded from the following link for your convenience.
Compile & Load instructions for TSW software by Jim Smith, KK0U.

Software Operating manual for TSW's latest release
(Manual may be for an earlier software version if no significant changes have been made.)

Further instruction in addition to those contained in the KK0U manual: After you get 1.8.9 (or later) successfully installed, earlier instructions told you to delete the LiquidCrystal library in the main /libraries/ directory of the IDE. This is ONLY, repeat ONLY necessary if you are trying compile TSW's older firmware for the 2 and 4 line LCD character displays. With the new V6 TFT Color display firmware, removing this directory is not required. (There is another LiquidCrystal library under "hardware/teensy/avr/libraries". LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE.)

After you have the Arduino IDE successfully installed, download the latest "TeensyDuino" IDE add-in for Arduino from PJRC and install it ONLY IN The SAME DIRECTORY YOU HAVE Arduino 1.8.9 (or later) INSTALLED IN! You will then be able to find Teensy 4.0 as a board under the "Tools" menu in the IDE and you should set it to this prior to attempting to compile any software written for the Teensy 4.0. It turns out you will also need a library called "Adafruit_ILI9341 installed in your IDE's "hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/ directory for our later software to compile correctly. If you can't locate a copy of this library check in our "Files" section under "Mandatory Libraries".


Also currently available from TSW
A Raduino Clone kit designed specifically for the uBITX Version 6. As spare V6 Raduinos aren't readily available at this time, TSW created an easily built kit for those who desire a replacement or just want to have a spare. The main PC board is quite close to the Factory Raduino in overall dimensions and fits perfectly in the factory case provided in the "Full Kit" from HF Signals. We relocated the 7805 Regulator to move it away from the toroid transformer T6 as a precaution against radiated energy transfer to/from T6 as well as to make it far more mechanically stable. Another addition was a CW sidetone level control as some users found the CW sidetone to be a bit too loud when the uBITX main volume control was set at a reasonable level while receiving weaker signals. This helps make it much easier on the ears.

The KIT will be supplied with the VFO chip (Si5351) already soldered in place and an unprogrammed Arduino NANO. It's designed to the same dimensional specification as the Factory Raduino so it will be a plug in alternative if the user's Raduino is damaged or a spare is desired. In this version, we have added a sidetone level adjust trimpot to make it easier on the ears when you have the volume high for copying weaker signals.

Completed TSW V6 Raduino Clone KIT Newest version V6.43, shown from the front.

Completed TSW V6 Raduino Clone KIT Newest version V6.43 shown from the back.
The new Sidetone Level trimpot is clearly visible below the NANO in the lower left.

TSW has decided since the most difficult part in the kit to install is the Si5351a clock/VFO chip, the KITS will come with ONLY this part already installed and checked for proper connections and that there are no shorted or open pins. The kit will also come with an Arduino NANO pre-programmed to the factory's version 6.1 firmware. In addition, we decided that we would use only 1206 sized SMD resistors and capacitors in this KIT to make it easier for people to install the little SMD parts. That should make this KIT a bit easier to build, especially for those who have previously been "Surface Mount challenged". The V6 Raduino Clone is NOT available wired & tested as this would be cost prohibitive.

Construction manual for the TSW V6 Raduino Clone>

The TSW V6 Raduino Clone KIT can be supplied as a bare board for $10.00 post paid in the US. Due to postage increases, the cost for the bare board to those outside of the US and its posessions will be $20 USD and only 1 per order (International First Class "rigid" envelope).

Also available is a full kit of parts with the Si5351a IC already soldered in place and continuity checked, $38.00 post paid to the US and its possessions. For our Canadian friends, the full kit will be $48 USD (shipping included). For all other international orders, the price for the full kit will be $58 USD (plus shipping) to Europe and unfortunately due to much higher USPS shipping to Australia and the Pacific area, the full kit price to those areas will be $58 plus shipping as well.

For availability and ordering details please contact W0EB via this or any of the other email links on these pages.

Contact Jim, W0EB.
Contact Ron, W2CTX.

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