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As of 12/20/2019 Our BITeensio kit is sold out and due to extremely low interest in it, we have discontinued the kit. We are working on something new and exciting for the newly announced uBITX Version 6. All software for the BITeensio and all documentation for it will always remain in our "Files" directory.


Drop-in Replacement for the uBITX and BITX40 Raduino We are having difficulty obtaining new boards on a timely basis and due to low interest in the older Raduino Clone kit, we have discontinued it. All boards have been sold out and there are no more on order. W0EB/N5IB Raduino Clone

Rather than name the card something fancy I'm just calling it a Raduino "Clone" but it does have a few extra bypass capacitors to help knock down some of the extraneous RFI, an extra trimmer potentiometer to adjust the CW side tone output, pads for a 4.7K CW hand key pullup resistor are provided on the board for convenience and the 4.7K SMD resistor IS supplied in the kit. The 7805 5V regulator is heat sinked and actually mounted to the board itself. It's a little over a centimeter wider than a standard Raduino but the display mounting holes are on exactly the same centers so a normal 16 X 2 parallel display mounts just like it does on a factory Raduino and the card will fit in the same space a factory Raduino does.

The Raduino Clone is NOT available completely built, but people still keep asking for completely assembled ones.

With the labor costs (mine included) in the US, if I were to offer one completely assembled and tested (with shipping), the cost to the user would be in excess of $60 to US domestic customers and close to $100 USD to international customers You can buy a completely new uBITX for not much more than that so I'm offering it only in 3 forms.

One: just the bare board (Construction manual and bill of materials are in the Documentation directory of the files section on this site).

Two: a complete kit of parts INCLUDING the NANO which will come pre-programmed with the same uBITX v4.3 code as the factory Raduino unless you order it for a BITX40. Since there are several good versions of BITX40 software, the NANO will come un-programmed if it's ordered for a BITX40.

Three: the same kit of parts (still including the pre-programmed NANO), but with the Si5351 already soldered in place for those who would rather not attempt mounting that really tiny integrated circuit. I WILL continuity check the solder joints on all of the Si5351a's pins but will have no way to test it any further.

Bare Board: $6 USD postpaid within the US & Possessions. Bare board shipped internationally $8.00 (1 per envelope).
Kit of parts: $25 USD postpaid within the US & Possessions. $40 postpaid to international destinations (International Postage is USD $14 to $14.50 USD)
Kit of parts with Si5351 soldered and continuity checked: $35 USD postpaid within the US & Possessions, $50 pospaid internationally.

Please email me for availability and to order one or more of the above, using the link for W0EB at the bottom of this page.
Please indicate if it is to be for a uBITX V3/V4, V5 or the old BITX40.

Click here to download a copy of the Raduino Clone Construction Manual.

Power Switching Adapter Kits by W0EB
Bare boards and full kits are still available.

Enlarged view of the new Regulated Switch Adapter PCB Layout

Enlarged view of the Switch Adapter PCB Layout

The unregulated adapter allows for DC power input, on/off switch and power output wiring to be conveniently connected on a common board and have the option of using plugs for quick connect/disconnect or permanently soldering wires to the PC board. An optional polarity protect diode is also provided for and can be jumpered out if not used. The PC board pads allow for Molex or Molex style polarized pin plugs and jacks of either 2.56 or 3.54 millimeter spacing so that input power, output power and the switch connections can be plugged and unplugged easily. This can make equipment control panel on/off switching easy to remove for trouble shooting and quickly reconnected without having to unsolder/re-solder the wire connections. The kits will contain the PC board and ALL parts to include the female MOLEX type connectors and crimp pins. The optional diode is to be user supplied and not included in the kit.

The TSW Switch Adapter is now available. There are 2 options.

1: Bare PC Board $3.00 shipped in the US, no longer shipped internationally.
2: Complete kit (includes all connectors & crimp pins) minus the polarity protect diode (optional/user supplied), $8 shipped in the US, no longer shipped internationally.
(International First Class postage runs $13 to $15 USD with the recent U.S. Postal Service's price increases. so it's just not practical.)

What's actually in the complete kit.

The regulated adapter allows for DC power input, on/off switch and power output wiring to be conveniently connected on a common board and have the option of using plugs for quick connect/disconnect just like the unregulated one but adds the convenience of an auxiliary, regulated output that is also switched on and off. Since the auxiliary output regulator can be anything between 3.3V and 10 or 11 volts depending on the selected TO-220 regulator IC, the regulator and it's normal stability bypass capacitors are not included in the partial kit. These are to be user supplied depending on the auxiliary output voltage the user desires. For a small additional fee (see option 3) a 5 volt regulator (7805) and proper capacitors can be included. The protection diode is still to be user supplied.

An unplanned benefit of the regulated configuration is that simply by jumpering the regulator's IN terminal to the OUT terminal using insulated wire so not to short either input or output to ground accidentally The voltage at the V-REG header can be equal to the voltage at V-IN and V-OUT.

There are 3 options.

1: Bare PC Board $3.00 shipped in the US, no longer shipped internationally.
2: Partial Kit (includes all connectors & crimp pins but not the diode) $8 shipped in the US, no longer shipped internationally. (International First Class postage runs $13 to $15 USD with the recent U.S. Postal Service's price increases.)
3: Complete 5 volt Kit with 7805 TO-220 regulator, heat sink with mounting hardware and bypass capacitors (less polarity protect diode) $12 shipped in the US. no longer shipped internationally.

What's actually in the basic auxiliary regulated kit.
Option 3 includes a 7805, heat sink and 4 capacitors not shown.

For more information or to order one (or more) please contact W0EB
through the EMAIL link at the bottom of this page.
There is NO order link.

You MUST email W0EB.

Click to download the Switched Power Adapter construction manual (covers both versions).


All of our programs are in Arduino "Sketch" form and require the Arduino IDE Version 1.8.5 or later. We now use an "Interrupt Driven" CW routine with separate Dot and Dash inputs for the Iambic Keyer. (Modes A and B are implemented) and it operates properly at any keyer speed.

Both PTT and Hand Key use the same input wire (PTT isn't normally used in CW and the Hand Key isn't normally used in SSB modes so we save an I/O pin). A huge advantage of doing it this way is that you can use your microphone's PTT button as an emergency hand key to send CW in weak signal situations even if you don't have a key with you. We also abandoned the "accelerated" tuning in favor of having the encoder/function button move a cursor under the frequency digits. The digit the cursor is under is tuned by the main tuning encoder. Until someone fixes the accelerated tuning, this method makes tuning to any frequency much easier.

All of our software is completely "Open Source" BUT, once you have the source code and modify it, all our support for the program stops because we simply do not have the time to help everyone that messes things up to figure out what they did wrong. Save backups of the original so If you break it, start fresh and try again.

If you DO find a bug (that you did not create yourself) in any of our software, please don't hesitate to contact either Jim, W0EB or Ron, W2CTX using the links below. Please indicate which version of the software you found the bug in, your computer's operating system and which version of the Arduino IDE you used to compile it with. Without this data we may not be able to duplicate the problem and if we can't duplicate it, it will be next to impossible to fix.

Contact Jim, W0EB.
Contact Ron, W2CTX.

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