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Some example screen captures using the new TSW Teensy 4.1 Raduino

Latest news: It seems that PJRC.com is out of stock on the Teensy 4.1 MPU and not expecting more until a small shipment is supposed to arrive in May sometime with a larger shipment promised them for early July.

In light of this, TSW has decided that we WILL still sell and ship the T4.1 Raduino kit as long as at least one of the PJRC distributors has Teensy 4.1's in stock. We were selling them at a slightly reduced price, but since the Teensys are still available to the user, the full kit price (minus the Teensy & Display) has returned to $40 USD plus shipping as it has been found that some vendors from PJRC's distributor list still have them in stock. For instance Amazon, Adafruit and Mouser, just to name a couple so apparently they can still be had for now.

NOTE! This is a KIT, you must build it yourself. We DO NOT sell fully built T4.1 Raduino's and all of our other offers are kits as well, as the cost would be prohibitive for us to assemble them. If you can't build it yourself or have someone build it for you, please don't order one! We've had one person order, not understanding the word KIT and thinking it should already be constructed! Also, several persons have misconstrued the fact that the Teensy 4.1 and the display do NOT come with the kit. TSW is NOT a distributor for PJRC (manufacturer of the Teensy) and becoming one would be cost prohibitive. The user must purchase their own Teensy 4.1 from either PJRC or one of their other distributors (Mouser has the best price we have found).

In stock, available for ordering,TSW's completely redesigned, T4.1 Raduino Clone kit (only for the uBITX Version 6 at this time) that uses the Teensy 4.1 from PJRC. This MPU is much larger and has much more I/O, almost all of which is accessable on numerous, easily accessible DuPont style headers. Note, however, that TSW does NOT supply the Teensy 4.1 MPU itself with the kit. The user must obtain that from PJRC or one of their other distributors.

The Teensy 4.1 hardware will allow USB Host mode. (An additional cable would need to be added and the case modified in order to use this.) However, once this is done, Host Mode will allow a keyboard and/or a mouse to be plugged in for control and operation. The Keyboard can also function as a really nice CW keyer and still allow the keyer paddles or a hand key/external keyer to be plugged in at the same time. A USB hub can be used to plug in more than one item (mouse AND keyboard).

The software will NOT support Nextion displays and TSW has absolutely NO plans to provide Nextion support with this system. The Nextion has been found to be a notorious RFI noise generator. Since we believe we have solved most of the tuning noise issue with our careful hardware layout and latest software, it would be a poor idea to re-intruduce the RFI by using a NEXTION display instead of the factory supplied ILI9341 TFT Color one. Several people have asked about Nextion support and that absolutely will NOT happen with any TSW projects at this time so please do not ask.

Due to limitations of the "Host mode" programming library (apparently still the same one as the old Teensy 3.6) to simultaneously operate a mouse with a keyboard hooked up via a hub, both must be of the wired type unless you use one of the inexpensive wireless keyboard/mouse combinations available (I use one from Amazon) that use only one plug-in "dongle" to handle both the KB and Mouse. All the ones tested so far allow simultaneous KB/Mouse operations so for portable ops this will probably be the best option.

We now have stable software for the Teensy 4.1 Raduino available in the "Program & DOC Files" directory. It allows Touch, Keyboard and Mouse as well as Keyboard sent CW, if some hardware modifications are made to add a "Host Mode" Connector.

Almost all of the I/O pins of the Teensy 4.1 that are not used to directly control the uBITX and Raduino are available via DuPont style header pins on the back side of the T4.1 Raduino so the experimenter has access to everything available. Plenty of digital and analog inputs/outputs to keep you busy for a long time developing things for this board. (The TSW team is working on expanding the software and all the programming is and will continue to be "open source" with the caution that if you modify it, you are on your own for troubleshooting problems you create. The TSW team simply will not have the time to sort out your source code errors so you will have to do that yourself. That being said, we WILL be available to help with problems discovered in our own software.

A bit of the history for this development:
Shortly after the HF Signals (India) uBITX transceiver Version 6 hit the market, the TSW group produced a Raduino Clone for it that could use an Arduino NANO like the factory version did and operate with the factory's software or, with an adapter also produced by TSW, use a Teensy 4.0 by PJRC in place of the NANO with our own software for much faster display updates, easier calibration and much better Iambic keyer CW operation.

We had good success with the Teensy 4.0 using the adapter, but when we tried to mount the Teensy directly on a custom Raduino board, for some reason we could not make it work right so abandoned that project.

Fast forward a few months and PRJC has made available a new, larger footprint version of the Teensy called the Teensy 4.1. After looking at the specs, the TSW team decided to take a chance and make an experimental attempt at using this on a unique Raduino clone that used the T4.1 plugged directly into the redesigned Raduino board, with no adapter. We chose to mount the T4.1 upside down on the back side of the board just like the original NANO and our T4.0 adapter did to keep the MPU from interfering with the display as well as for accessability.

We had a very limited run of prototype boards made to test the idea and much to everyone's delight, it worked very well! An added benefit of the re-design, is that it seems to have eliminated most if not all of the noise problems inherent with the Factory (and our earlier clone) Raduino using the Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter.

Except for the very small Si5351 clock/vfo IC, we chose to use all 1206 size SMD resistors and capacitors to make kit construction a bit easier for those who don't like to work with the smaller 0805 surface mount components TSW uses for our other kits. It was also decided that all the TSW Raduino Clone kits would already have the Si5351a IC already soldered in place and checked for proper connections to ensure the highest probability of successful kit completion and operation.

The MPU for this Raduino Clone must be a PJRC Teensy 4.1 and like the NANO on the Factory Raduino and Teensy 4.0 on TSW's adapter, The Teensy 4.1 will plug in upside down on the back side of the PCB. The photo below shows how to set up the (user supplied) pins on the Teensy 4.1 to plug into its socket on the T4.1 Raduino Clone. (There is an extra user supplied memory chip shown on the Teensy 4.1 in the photo that is not necessary and will not be used.)

We strongly recommend that you obtain and use gold plated pins for mounting your teensy and for the 5 pin headers on the back of it. This will help increase reliability and decrease any succeptability to corrosion that could cause intermittent connections later on.

WARNING: You MUST cut the indicated jumper (between the two large pads) on the
Teensy 4.1 due to the fact that the incoming 5 Volts from the USB programming connection
will conflict with the 5 Volts powering the Raduino (and subsequently the Teensy 4.1).
Since they are from different sources, they will not be exactly the same voltage. This could
very well destroy the Teensy 4.1 AND even the Raduino in worst case situations. It IS recommended that you initially program your Teensy 4.1 for the first time prior to installing it in the Raduino and/or cutting the indicated jumper. After the jumper is cut, programming will have to be done with the Teensy 4.1 mounted in the Raduino and the Raduino powered up either by connecting power to the main pins or installing it in a V6 uBITX and powering the radio.

A working, and we believe stable software version IS now available "Program & Doc Files" directory (use the Teensy 4.1, not the 4.0 version). Extra features allow for both Keyboard and Mouse control of the uBITX. These options are working and really enhance the operation of the uBITX with our T4.1 Raduino & software after adding a USB Host Mode cable available from PJRC to your uBITX.

These "extra features", if you choose to use them, WILL require a modification of the uBITX case to add a USB "A" cable connectionon the back panel. The right sized cable is available from PJRC.com for around $3.00 plus shipping and you can order it at the same time you order your Teensy 4.1 if you like. The cable plugs into the 5 pin "Host Mode" header on the Teensy 4.1 itself and allows for a standard USB "A" style keyboard or wired mouse to be plugged in. You can also use a USB 2.0 hub so both Keyboard and mouse can be connected simultaneously.
For some reason we are having trouble getting it to work reliably with combinations of wired/wireless devices at this time. There ARE some nice alternatives. Fairly inexpensive wireless Keyboard/Mouse combinations using only 1 plug-in "Dongle" are available and all that have been tested so far allow simultaneous keyboard AND mouse operation so this may be your best option. Using wired keyboard and mouse combinations seems to work well without any issues, it's just when mixing them the problem occurs. We believe this to be a Library problem but haven't been able to pin it down yet. Single "dongle" wireless KB/Mouse combinations all have worked well.

You do not HAVE to have the additional cable to use the software, you just won't be able to use a keyboard or mouse for control/CW keyer so it's a matter of personal choice whether or not to modify the case for the extra USB connection.

We are NOT, repeat NOT going to have a software CW Decoder implemented. We firmly believe that electronic morse decoders make too many mistakes when band conditions are even slightly noisy and if you cannot properly copy callsigns, you shouldn't be using a decoder. This decision is final so please don't ask for the addition of a Decoder feature.

An announcement on the BITX20@groups.io reflector, in the uBITX group on Facebook and on this website has been made and the kits ARE available right now as well as reliable & stable software to make them work.

Thanks a million for your interest,

The team.

The new Raduino T4.1 clone kit (after user assembly) shown from the front side.

The new Raduino T4.1 clone kit (after user assembly) shown from the back side.
Almost all available I/O connections have been brought out
on DuPont headers for ease of access for experimentation.

The CR2032 battery is backup power for the on-board Real Time Clock.
The assembled, plug-in battery socket will be part of the kit but
the battery itself is user supplied.

uBITX V6 Teensy 4.1 Raduino construction manual.

A comprehensive analysis of the current parts cost (some cheaper/some slightly more expensive, plus labor to install the Si5351a chip) and postage increases by the USPS now puts the price of the new TSW V6 T4.1 Raduino kit at $40 shipped in the US. International kits will be USD $40 PLUS international shipping and the total price will be agreed upon by both parties prior to any international orders being approved. Sorry, but under current world conditions this is necessary to protect TSW's interests. International postage rates are changing too quickly and we simply cannot absorb any VAT/Customs duties or replace items lost by other countries postal systems.

The TSW V6 Raduino Clone can be supplied as a bare board for $12.00 post paid in the US. Due to postage increases, the cost for the bare board to those outside of the US and its posessions will be $20 USD and only 1 per order (International First Class "rigid" envelope).

We have also decided to offer a bare PCB WITH just the Si5351a soldered in place (US & Canadian orders only at this time) for those who have well stocked parts bins but don't really want to deal with soldering the tiny Si5351a Clock/VFO chip. The same continuity/short tests will be run on this board just like the board in the full kit. Price for this (available in the US & Canada only at this time due to postage fluctuations, etc.) will be $25.00 which will include 1st class postage for US purchasers and $25 USD PLUS postage for our Canadian friends. Any Canadian Customs/VAT charges are the responsibility of the ordering party as TSW cannot be held responsible for these.

A full kit of parts with the Si5351a IC already soldered in place and continuity checked, will be $45.00 post paid to the US and its possessions. For our Canadian friends, the full kit will be $45 USD + shipping. (Canadian Customs/VAT will be the recipients responsibility).

For all other international orders, the price for the full kit will be $45 USD plus shipping and the total price must be agreed upon by both parties prior to any kits being sold & shipped internationally. Also, any Customs duties and or VAT will be the responsibility of the recipient. TSW cannot be held responsible for these.

Boards and kits are NOW AVAILABLE for order - email W0EB via the link at the bottom of this page for further instructions on ordering.

Software is available in the "Program & DOC Files" section under "TSW T4.1 Raduino Software" and the software operating manual is available here for download along with a special version V1.55.1, which makes the T4.1 Raduino conform to the Thai band plan as well as blocking the ability to transmit on frequencies outside of the ham bands. The "Thai" version is selectable in the "SET" menu as well as band plans for Region 1, 2 and 3. The manual for that version is contained in the zip file for V1.55.1.

TSW Software Manual for the Teensy 4.1.pdf

Check back often for further updates please.

For reasons I'd rather not try to explain here, I can't put PayPal order links on any of these pages. Sorry for the inconvenience, but all you have to do is follow the directions and contact W0EB via this or any of the other email links on these pages for ordering or further information.

COVID-19 Statement:
During this time of world wide crisis, we at TSW are finding that many countries either are not accepting mail for delivery or are or have implemented draconian VAT and Customs duties on even the simplest and most inexpensive items. This makes it very difficult for us to ship things to Europe at present. We do so only if the requestor is willing to accept the responsibility for his/her countries possible VAT/Customs charges and or non-delivery. We simply cannot afford to replace items lost by another country's mail service - Order at your own risk.

For The team,
W0EB, TSW Project Coordinator.

team members:
Jim, W0EB - Engineer and Project Coordinator,
Jim, N5IB - PC Board Layout Engineer and procurement specialist,
Ron, W2CTX - Master Programmer.

Contact Jim, W0EB.
Contact Ron, W2CTX.

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